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Pakistanis are amazing. They are brave and funny as well. This category contains funny Jokes about Pakistan and Pakistani People

Shareef Larkay


Meri Class Kay Shareef Larkay

ان میں شرافت کوٹ کوٹ کر کیا مار مار کر
ﮐﺮبھری ہوتی ہے عام بندہ اتنی سہیلیاں نہیں بناتا جتنی یہ بہنیں بناتے ہیں ۔ میری کلاس میں مے بھی ایک ایسا لڑکا پھڑتا تھا  جو بہنیں بنانے میں بڑا ماہر تھا۔ کبھی کسی لڑکی کو نام لے کر نہیں بلاتا تھا۔ بلکہ ہمیشہ بہن بہن کہتا رہتا تھا۔

پچھلے دنوں لگ بھک دس سال بعد اس سے ملاقات ہوئی ـ

میں نے پوچھا

ہاں بھئی سناوُ ۔۔۔۔۔ شادی ہو گئی ۔۔۔۔؟

شرما کر بولا

بس جی ۔۔۔ ایک بہن سے بات چل رہی ہے ۔۔۔


Yes I m Pakistan


I m not just bombs, poverty & corruption.

I m Edhi & Imrans philanthropy.

I m Arfa Karim’s brilliance.

I m Pervez Masih’s sacrifice.

I m Afridi’s exuberance.

I m Miandad’s six.

I m fastest growing IT industry.

I m ever-expanding middle class.

I hav fought dictatorships.

I m 40000 deaths 4 global peace.

I m hospitality.

I m epitome of resilience.

I’m one of the few bravest nation of world.

Yes,I m Pakistan


Khalefa Hazrat Abu Bakar – For Pakistani Politicians


Khalefa Hazrat Abu Bakar – For Pakistani Politicians

Aik bar langar taksem ho rha tha

Aik shakhs ny 2 admiyon ka khana manga

Jb us se swaal kia giya k 2 admiyon ka khana q?

To us ny kaha aik mery liey or aik us shakhs k liey jo kony me betha Sokhi roti pani me dabo kr kha rha hy

Is per usy jawab mila usi ka dia to hum taksem kr rahy hain

Us Shaks ny pocha kon hy wo?

Jawab mila: wo Hamary Khalefa Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddiq(R.A) hain.

Aisy hoty hain Hukamran.


Mehengai k Is Dour – Ghar Ka Khuwab


Mehengai k Is Dour Me Apne Ghar ka Khuwab Ab Haqikat.
Karachi k Pur Sukoon Elaqay “Liyari” me 100 Or
200 Gaz k Plot Sirf 40 Or 50  Hazar me!
Kharadar sey Chand Minute ki Drive par Main

Liyari cheel chok kalakot jese khubsurat ilaqe me
Abhi Rabta Karen,
Apna Ghar Apni Jannat!
Har booking Pe.
5 Bullet Proof Jackets,10 Dasti Bomb, 4 Pistol,
Bullet’s ka 50 wala packet Or 1 Rocket Lancher Bilkul Free.


Pity The Nation ( By Khalil Jibran )


Pity The Nation…

(read with current situation in Pakistan)‏

Pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion.
Pity the nation that wears a cloth it does not weave,
eats a bread it does not harvest,
and drinks a wine that flows not from its own wine-press.

Pity the nation that acclaims the bully as hero,
and that deems the glittering conqueror bountiful.

Pity a nation that despises a passion in its dream,
yet submits in its awakening.

Pity the nation that raises not its voice
save when it walks in a funeral,
boasts not except among its ruins,
and will rebel not save when its neck is laid
between the sword and the block.

Pity the nation whose statesman is a fox,
whose philosopher is a juggler,
and whose art is the art of patching and mimicking.

Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpeting,
and farewells him with hooting,
only to welcome another with trumpeting again.

Pity the nation whose sages are dumb with years
and whose strong men are yet in the cradle.

Pity the nation divided into into fragments,
each fragment deeming itself a nation

( By Khalil Jibran)


Happy Pakistan Independence!


Blow up them firecrackers.
Light up the sky.
Because it’s Pakistan Independence Day.
I’ve been meaning to say..

Happy Pakistan Independence!

Sparklers glowing. The flag waving and showing.
Nothing but happy people. Celebrating the 14th of August.
The birth of our country. The birth of our flag.
Because our founder Quiad e Azam. Always wanted it this way.

Happy Pakistan Independence!


Veena Malik Photo shoot


Veena Malik Picture created uproar in Pakistan.
But Veena said that this picture is Photoshopped.
This is bullshit. Is Veena saying truth.
The cover has become the topic of discussions and debate in Pakistan.
Veena has denied the shoot. However, Sharma has a different story.
“The photo shoot was done in Mumbai on November 22.
We have a video of the photo shoot,” Sharma told PTI.
What do you think about it. Please comment.