Healing of Incurable diseases by listening to Surah-e-Rehman Recitation


Healing of Incurable diseases by Surah-e-Rehman Recitation


This page is regarding the Healing of Incurable diseases by listening to Surah-e-Rehman Recitation by Qari Abdu Samad . “Rehman” , one of the most significant and dynamic characteristic of the almighty “ALLAH” who continues his blessings irrespective of our beliefs and sins. GOD spoke to man through his messengers who delivered his message for the betterment of mankind.

The greatest prophet HAZRAT MOHAMMAD (S.A.W.) said, “I’m leaving behind you a book, revealed by ALLAH The QURAN which is light and guidance”. When we open this book it begins with Bismillah-Al-Rehman-Al-Rahim, in the name of ALLAH the most merciful and beneficent. This verse contains 3 important aspects;

(a) The real and ultimate name of GOD is ALLAH.
(b) ALLAH is very caring to the extent of infinity, there are no parameters to judge the level of his mercy and love.
(c) He has created this life and made a constitution for the creation to follow it so that the followers enjoy his mercy and love both here and life after death.

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This particular verse was always given as a gift to every Prophet and when it revealed to Hazrat ESA (JESUS) Allah said, “Before you this verse was always given to prophets but now this verse will become a gift for the Ummah of my last and beloved prophet HAZRAT MOHAMMAD (S.A.W.).” And it happened like that not only this verse but 6666 sacred verses became a gift for the Ummah as the prophet HAZRAT MOHAMMAD (S.A.W.) said, “the QURAN is light and guidance”. All the Muslims have been advised to recite this verse before initiating any work. Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) when did so, each time he conquered what he wished; look the power of this sacred verse, the name of ALLAH “AL-REHMAN”. The entire life form demonstrates the continuous practical example of his mercy, care and concern. GOD created a couple, Adam and Eve to continue the process of mankind but while describing the level of his mercy and love he gave the example of mother but 70 times more than the love of a mother. Now see this universal truth of motherhood, it has remarkable similarity besides the difference of color beliefs and languages.

The feelings of motherhood is also a dynamic dimension of the Almighty. GOD said, “Man is the best creations” now when a child is born the feelings of motherhood are generated in that woman, who does so only the ultimate mother, the one and only” GOD. The mother loves her baby irrespective of color, face or any other thing, similarly ALLAH loves all his creation to the extent of superlative degree of liking.” Man is the best creation”.

A mother takes care of her baby in all respect ignoring all consequences, GOD knows all about the future but stands with his best creation, ignores man’s various sins and keeps on guiding for a positive life. GOD advises all the mothers to follow the constitution, by doing so the power of the almighty will make there hearts like magnets of gigantic magnitude which surely breed positive approach in their children. GOD has attributed himself to a mother who is always there to help any one who seeks help, forgive any one who realizes and extends apology.

While living in a mortal world all what we required is the blessings of ALLAH. AL-Rehman is the most redeeming aspect of his blessings. In the holy book of QURAN there is a full fledge Surrah “AL-REHMAN” in which he describes this particular characteristic of AL-REHMAN,”  it is only “Rehman” who created the entire form of life and universe, takes care of every one, teaches what human knows not, reveals the treasure beneath the water, gives the sense of command to control the sources and energies, breeds ideas in human minds to generate technology, gives wisdom to unfold the mysteries”. In this particular Surrah”AL-REHMAN” GOD has graphically talked about his ultimate powers, the delicacy of his creation beyond human imagination and approach.

The entire message of the almighty was beautifully delivered by his beloved prophet HAZRAT MOHAMMAD (S.A.W.) and when he died many of his followers could not believe,” how can such a man die” but HAZRAT ABU BAKAR SIDDIQUE (R.A) one of his best friend stood up in the mosque and defined the philosophy of mortality”, If any one worships Mohammad let him know that Mohammad is dead but he who worships GOD let him know that GOD is alive and can not die”.

The Prophet (S.A.W) spent his entire life in projecting the particular aspect of “surrender to GOD and humanity to man”. Absolute submission is the key of success in both the worlds. Submission means to surrender to acknowledge someone as the most superior one and care for what he desires as QURAN says,” Man and jinn are created to worship ALLAH”.

In fact, worship breeds recognition of some one and when we concentrate in our heart and feels the presence of GOD, it generates fear and respect at the same time as the Holy Prophet HAZRAT MOHAMMAD (S.A.W) said”, you are all descendent from Adam and the best among you is he who most regards GOD” Look the word regard, It projects fear of GOD, It means those who feel GOD NOT only around them but also in their hearts, GOD is always with them and they really enjoy his blessings which strongly eliminates negative thinking.

Islam has given us the best principles of life and the main emphasis is to generate positive thinking. The material world has deprived us of this precious blessing and the reckless and inhuman attitude has given birth to a unique negative approach which has entangled us in all type of mental, Physical and spiritual catastrophe. The most chronic diseases have captured our bodies and instead of seeking the blessings of ALLAH we are getting asylum in the antibiotics, ignoring the master and putting our lives in jeopardy. Restlessness, dissatisfaction, discontentment and dejection is taking control of our mind and heart. The stability and tranquility of life is vanishing what will be left nothing except, Savage and barbarian attitudes, killing and looting one another, ignoring absolutely all norms of Islamic ideology.

Such acts completely generate the most negative approach which create disharmony among the body and the soul. Now no medicine or any intellect can cure this evil except the mercy of almighty. Only we have to realize, think deeply into our hearts recall our sins, strong repentance and then extend apology. GOD is really very kind and merciful he forgives us once we realize truly. Quran says, “This sacred book is “shifa” for its followers” so it is only the ultimate ALLAH who gives “shifa” and when we talk about “shifa” it has multiple dimensions, physical, mental and spiritual.

Since the revelation of Quran it has changed the life of billions of people and the biggest example which comes forward is the life of Hazrat UAMR (R.A) who comes to assassinate the prophet but hears the recitation of a few verses and his mind changed and he accepted Islam and became a great Muslim leader and true companion of the Prophet (S.A.W) there are other examples where someone of highest opposition heard the recitation and changed to the extent of miracle. Quran has the power to change every thing if we do seek help from this sacred book or listen to it with greater concentration.