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Motorola Mobile Codes


Motorola Mobile Codes

Below we present secret codes of Motorola Mobile Phones, These codes are very useful for subscribers who want to unlock their phones and for amateurs of this topic. These special key sequences should be entered from keyboard of phone which allow you to get some important information like IMEI number, release date, software version and much more. You can also choose default language, activate net monitor ect.

Free call tip
1 Enter the phone number
2 Enter OK
3 Type *#06#
4 Press Button C
5 And finally press the button for power off.
You should now be able to talk without being billed.
The 54# Tip:
Type 1#, 2#……..54# on the keypad (when you’re not in the menu) to get the phone number used for with this key when speed dialing
Motorola 920
Press menu and type one of these numbers and press OK:
11 = Status Review
13 = Available Networks
14 = Preferred Networks
22 = Select Keypad Tones
25 = Require SIM Card PIN
26 = Language Selection
32 = Repetitive Timer
33 = Single Alert Timer
34 = Set IN-Call Display
35 = Show Call Timers
36 = Show Call Charges
37 = Call Charge Settings
38 = Reset All Timers
43 = Reset All Timers
45 = Show Last Call
46 = Total For All Calls
47 = Lifetime Timer
51 = Change Unlock Code
52 = Master Reset
53 = Master Clear (Warning!! May result in deleting the Message Editor!!!)
54 = New Security Code
55 = Automatic Lock
63 = Battery Saving Mode

Motorola Mobile Codes

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